Extreme Village Makeover Project

Extreme Makeovers
You may have seen one of the television programs where a small group of people (usually with the help of a professional) does an extreme makeover on an unsuspecting person's house. It's fun to see the recipient's shocked looks and the obvious gratitude on their faces when they encounter old, boring rooms completely transformed in a few short weeks.

The Problem
In Cambodia whole villages are in need of an "extreme makeover." Many homes are unsafe, providing insufficient protection from the elements, thieves and pests (like rodents and snakes). These structures leave occupants vulnerable to sickness, disease, and break-ins. Often children, women, and the old suffer most.

EAI is already working in Cambodia, partnering with members of the community to build new houses quickly; we call this Rapid Appropriate Development. Recently, working in partnership with LIFE Outreach International, we built 100 homes near the border of Vietnam in a year's time.

Struck by the overwhelming need we see in the villages, we decided to make use of what we've learned, and do something different. We put our heads together and came up with the Village Makeover Project! We'd like to invite you to partner with us, not just to change an individual or a families' life, but to make a difference for a whole village!

The Plan
We will work quickly. Using volunteers and the MAX building system,* and partnering with members of the local community, we will knock down and rebuild 20 houses . . . in 2 weeks! These houses will each be 5x5 meters (about 17x17 ft), made of light but sturdy materials that make it possible to build a strong and durable structure quickly without lots of complicated equipment or large, professional teams.

Working in this way, we can build each house for around $1000. It's amazing that the future of a whole village can be significantly changed through hard work, partnership, and $20,000.

You Can Help

We are announcing the Village Makeover Project for the first time here and now, and we'll be depending on help from around the world to make it happen. If you like to help we are looking for volunteers to help with construction and funds to make it happen. Donations slated for this project will be held in escrow until the completion of the project, tentatively planned for sometime in 2012.

It is a real privilege to be able to build in partnership with hurting families a permanent home that will keep them safe from danger and the elements. If you sponsor a home we will place a plaque on it saying that it was sponsored in partnership with you. We will give you the GPS location of the house and send you photos of the family building and living in their new home.

If you would like to help empower hurting people throughout the world by partnering with them to build a permanent home then please let us know by contacting us as truth@eaipower.com. Or simply click on the donate button to sponsor a home today!

And next time you see someone on tv getting an extreme makeover to their house or place of business, think of the people in Cambodia and the Village Makeover Project!

* The MAX building system utilizes a specially formulated lightweight concrete panel. Panels are slid on top of each other until the wall has reached the proper height. Windows are cut out of the panels like sawing wood. The lightweight panels are ideal for earthquake-prone areas, and cut down on construction time. These panels are light -- two people can easily pick one up. Once the foundation and grooved pillars are set, with the help of a community, you can build a home in two days! This creates a stage for empowerment. The Max building system is cheaper than brick or wood and involves the local community in the construction the process.

Building houses.


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